Every day, everywhere, hundreds of millions of electrical products get plugged in. From personal care appliances to industrial production machinery, we depend upon electricity to support the life we enjoy. It takes a lot more than an outlet on the wall to bring the power of electricity into our lives. It takes boxes and fittings. Connectors and fasteners. Wiring duct and terminal. Cable tray and superstrut. Grounding and insulation. Dropline hardware and high voltage rubber goods. Transmission poles and towers.






Thomas & Betts provides a complete range of quality cable glands from general purpose nylon glands through to metal barrier glands for use in explosive environments. No matter what your application, you can be sure that Thomas & Betts has a gland to suit your purpose.






Thomas & Betts offers one-stoflexible-conduit-systemp-shopping for electrical conduit fittings. Whether for hazardous location applications, such as underground mining, heavy-duty applications such as manufacturing or transportation, or light-duty applications such as hospitals or hotels, you can count on Thomas & Betts for dependable, quality assurance.







dtsWith the DTS brand, Thomas & Betts provides a complete range of explosion proof lighting, emergency lighting, enclosures, junction boxes and control panels.

DTS products were designed to minimise total cost of ownership by reducing labour and cost during installation, inspection and maintenance.

Our DTS range covers all zones of potential explosion gas and dust atmospheres and is compliant with IECex and ATEX standards


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